How it Works

This service option allows large corporate offices and their employees to have daily access to freshly prepared and healthy food choices. With Free Delivery and No Minimum Ordering Requirements this option serves as a prefect alternative to everyday eating out. No purchase or commitment of any kind is necessary. Your employees can simply place orders per their individual need and on occasional bases. We only require that one office has a minimum of 30 employees in order to be able to sign up for this FREE DELIVERY option. * If your office has less than 30 employees we can work with other offices in the building and still provide the same service. To find out more please call us at (702) 578 8377

How it works? After creating your compnay’s profile, we simply add your location (delivery address and your delivery times) to our unique database. From that point on all employees at your office location will be able to go on-line and place individual orders – with NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENT including FREE DELIVERY. Based on your need, we can assign 1or 2 FREE Delivery TimesAll oders for Employee Lunch Program option will be delivered next day at your location’s prearranged delivery times.  Online ordering cut-off time is at midnight, for even next morning/day delivery. *Please note that this service operates on pre-scheduled ordering, and our SAME DAY DELIVERY IS NOT AVAILABLE for this option. **SAME DAY DELIVERY REQUIRES A MINIMUM ORDER AND DELIVERY FEE APPLIES (find out more under the Same Day Delivery below).

Other ordering arrangements are available: i.e. individual, group, online, via email, or over the phone, one person could place orders for everyone. Signing up for this delivery option is FREE, and no purchase is necessary. In some cases there is a flexible minimum of monthly commitment based on office size and needs. Please call (703)578-8377