How is fresh green basil is different from other catering companies?

We specialize in ofica catering. Traditional catering companies or restaurants are providing, as they call it “office drop offs” and on the side of their regualr daily operations. For us YOU are our everyday priority. With our 24-7 online ordering our office is virtually never closed. Our Menu is specially created for professional office environments, and variety of delivery services are available for many of your food service needs. With “middleman” websites (ones that offer to pickup food from that other restaurant or caterer) entire process can be quite costly confusing and time consuming. We offer menu selection of all popular and many halthy choices, and our online ordering is rather simple and user friendly – NO sign up for account or registration or any kind necessary at any point.

Also, there are several ways how your organization could benefit from using Fresh green basil services. We are different from others primarily in a way that we offer a variety of delivery options, our Menu is priced and nutritionally portioned for corporate daily and regular use, and our easy to use on-line ordering allows you to fully customize each individual lunch order, and send direct message to our kitchen or delivery staff. Each item is made per order, fresh and delivered at your doorstep

How to add our company name on your delivery schedule, and make it even easier to order and checkout online?

To make it even easier, and if you would wish to do that, you can simply send us an email with request at freshgreenbasil@hotmail.com), and we will add your office location to our delivery database – for even easier and faster online ordering and checkout process.

To start Lunch Program for your employees/locatioin, we would need to find out little more about your company (ie. how many employees, delivery time(s) and similar). You can send us request by clicking here. To best learn about your needs, we prefer direct call or even better a short meeting. It takes about 10-15 minutes to go over these basic details, and to initiate this process you can contact us via email, or at (702) 578-8377 and our representatives will be happy to help you.

Do I need to register and what are the benefits if I do?

No. Registration is not required. Our user-friendly online ordering platfom is free to use as a guest, and still with shortest possible checkout times.

Registration (creating an account) is available if you would like to store credit card info and to make ordering process even faster. Online billing at our website is handled by Authorize.net, a highly trusted name in e-commerce industry, and no one at Freshgreenbasil or our company affiliates have an insight into your billing information. Also, our policy of use clearly states that your account information will not be sold, disclosed, or used for any other purpose but only for the purpose of transactions made on our website.

For Free Delivery Service, can I order food for some other days, or just for the next day delivery?

Yes. This is simply done through calendar feature on the checkout page.

All catering and contracted daily service orders can be placed for up to 30 days in advance. At the checkout process you will be prompted to choose if you would like your food to be delivered next day, or any other day of the week. In case that you wish your delivery for any other day, please go to the calendar and select desired delivery date. In case that for your delivery location we have two delivery times scheduled (breakfast and lunch) please make sure that you specified preferred delivery time, as well.